Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I have been updating you all on my film projects since starting this blog and feel like switching gears a little bit. Besides the love of filmmaking and basketball, I love rock music!

(Photo copyrighted to Halestorm and Atlantic Records)

I've been recently introduced to a new up and coming rock band called Halestorm and feeI compelled to pass the word on. Halestorm is a rock band from the east coast, and they have recently released their first self-titled CD. I heard their first single "I Get Off" on the Loop 97.9, a Chicago rock radio station, and immediately checked them out. The best way to try and describe Halestorm is a modern day mix of Joan Jett, Lita Ford, and Heart. The band is fronted by an amazing female vocalist with quite a range and is backed by some amazing talent. Their entire CD is filled with power, passion, and several fist pumping anthems. If you love rock as much as I do, take a moment and check out Halestorm! I will be attending their concert at the House of Blues in December, check back for a review on the concert!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Update on "Kate So Far" . . . .

Kate So Far, the television pilot I co-directed in January has recently been named as an Official Selection in the New York Television Festival, which will take place at the end of September! Take a moment and check out the Kate So Far trailer!

The pilot was also selected as a finalist for the Los Angeles Television Festival in June under the dramatic category.

Please check back for more updates on the pilot and more!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Update on Atlanta feature . . .

Disney Shot Kennedy is feature film shot entirely in Atlanta, Georgia over the month of June. Written and Directed by David Lawrence, I was the Director of Photography and Camera Operator. Disney Shot Kennedy is a comedy about a group of friends trying to save a conspiracy theory newspaper from going under.

Here are some production pictures from set.

The actors prepare for a scene.

Last looks before we get ready for a take.

Framing up a shot.

One of many night shoots, this is where we blocked the entire street to shoot a police bust.

During a film shoot, you fight weather conditions, but in Atlanta it was the bugs - especially at night!

No your eyes are not deceiving you - this bug is enormous!

(Pictures supplied by Melissa Kosar, John MacDonald, Jeff Robinson, and Randall Taylor)

Please check back soon for updates on Disney Shot Kennedy!

After production . . .
Nothing beats a little fishing for some rest and relaxation after a month long film shoot!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

"Kate So Far" wins for Best Television Show!

Kate So Far won the Cecil Award for Best Television Show! The awards ceremony took place Friday, May 22, 2009 and many were in attendance. The Cecil Awards began with an interview and a trip down the red carpet, during the awards show there were surprise guests and interviews, followed by an after party with Saints Motel and DJ Yoshi performing.

Kate So Far was a pilot shot in January about a high school girl who moves from the East coast to California to live with her sister who she rarely speaks to. This is her journey coping with the lifestyle change, and the rebuilding family ties. The pilot is being submitted to several television oriented film festivals. Please check back for updates!

The award was presented by Danielle Fishel and Rider Strong from Boy Meets World. As one of the directors of Kate So Far, receiving the award was quite a surprise and greatly appreciated! Much thanks go to those who supported the project, the wonderful cast and amazing crew.

(From L-R) Preston Zeller (Producer), Melissa Kosar (Director), Kyle Berns (Producer), and Heather Schlossnagle (Director/Writer).

Friday, May 22, 2009

"Maxwell's Demon" has been completed!

Post-production on Maxwell's Demon has recently been completed. I shot the short film in the beginning of March on Super 16mm. The film was written and directed by J.R. Robinson and produced by A.J. Jackson.

Synopsis of Maxwell's Demon:
Following the catastrophic failure of his experiment, Max, a young scientist, is thrown backward in time and is forced to try to rewrite history, by convincing his girlfriend, Eve, to sabotage his work.

Check back for updates on Maxwell's Demon!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sedona International Film Festival

The Sedona International Film Festival was a great festival that showcased amazing films, great panels and beautiful surrounding sights. The festival took place from February 24th through March 1st in Arizona at Harkins Theatre. The Doll Hospital screened on Friday, February 27th and Sunday, March 1st before Nothing Really Matters, a feature film by Jean-Marc Piché.
At the Filmmaker’s Reception, my brother and I had the privilege of meeting Doris Roberts (“Everybody Loves Raymond”). She was present for the screening of Play the Game. A very funny romantic comedy about a young ladies’ man that teaches his dating tricks to his lonely widowed grandfather while playing his best mind games to meet the woman of his dreams (

And a final stop at Cooperstown in Phoenix!

Sunday, February 15, 2009


The Doll Hospital is an official selection for the 2009 Sedona International Film Festival! The festival takes place from February 24th through March 1st in Arizona. The Doll Hospital will screen twice in the shorts program, check back next week for updates from the festival!