Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I have been updating you all on my film projects since starting this blog and feel like switching gears a little bit. Besides the love of filmmaking and basketball, I love rock music!

(Photo copyrighted to Halestorm and Atlantic Records)

I've been recently introduced to a new up and coming rock band called Halestorm and feeI compelled to pass the word on. Halestorm is a rock band from the east coast, and they have recently released their first self-titled CD. I heard their first single "I Get Off" on the Loop 97.9, a Chicago rock radio station, and immediately checked them out. The best way to try and describe Halestorm is a modern day mix of Joan Jett, Lita Ford, and Heart. The band is fronted by an amazing female vocalist with quite a range and is backed by some amazing talent. Their entire CD is filled with power, passion, and several fist pumping anthems. If you love rock as much as I do, take a moment and check out Halestorm! I will be attending their concert at the House of Blues in December, check back for a review on the concert!