Monday, January 28, 2013

Week 2: Heroic Proportions

Face Off took the contestants to San Diego Comic Con for it's next Spotlight Challenge.  Each contestant was paired up with a a mentor from DC Comics to create their own superhero.

(Photo credit: Brett-Patrick Jenkins)

Anthony was busy at work on his superhero and ran into a bit of trouble when his chest and back mold didn't fit properly.  In the end, he wasn't able to pull his mold in time and had to go with "plan B."

(Photo credit: Brett-Patrick Jenkins)

Anthony received praise from all three of the judges when his character "The Inferno Core" was presented.  Of all the fiery characters that were created in the history of Face Off, Anthony's was the best according to Ve Neill!

(Photo credit: Brett-Patrick Jenkins)

Anthony's sculpture, aint job and silhouette earned him top prize this week! DC Comics will be featuring his character in an upcoming comic that will be released on January 30th!

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