Friday, March 8, 2013

Back on top!

Week 8: It's Better in the Dark

In my personal opinion, this was by far my most favorite challenge of this season on Face Off!  The contestants were taken cliff side where they had to create a new species of aquatic life as they did in movies such as The Abyss and Avatar.  The twist is they would also have to utilize bioluminescence paint, which is visible under infrared light.  Anthony decided to create an amphibious warrior creature taking inspiration from the red-eyed tree frog.  Anthony received a positive response from Michael Westmore on his walk-through with each contestant.

Photo by Nicole Wilder/SyFy

As a whole, the group came up with some interesting concepts.  Anthony and Wayne landed in the top looks while Megan, House and Eric Z. landed in bottom looks.

Photo by Nicole Wilder/SyFy

For the bioluminescence challenge, Anthony was announced the winner!  His sculpt was amazing with special attention to detail, while his bioluminescent paint job was spot on!  The pictures don't do his creature justice, if you haven't seen this episode, I highly recommend you catch a re-run or download it on iTunes!

Photos by Brett-Patrick Jenkins

While the show said good-bye to Megan and Eric Z., it's down to the top 5 and next week will bring MUMMY MAYHEM!  Check out the sneak peek HERE!


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