Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Face Off: 2 weeks on the bottom

Week 6: Bugging Out

This week the Spotlight Challenge was to select an abstract image, which turned out to be a microscopic close up of a bug!  The contestants had to incorporate their insect color and texture on a life-size version of their selected bug.  Anthony chose the army ant, and it proved to be a difficult challenge this week.  Regardless of Anthony landing on the bottom this week, he still was voted safe by the judges.

Photo by Brett-Patrick Jenkins

Week 7: Howl At The Moon

This episode began with a Foundation Challenge with special guest judge, Gail Anne Hurd from The Walking Dead!  In this Foundation Challenge, the contestants were teamed up to turn a large group of background actors into zombies!  Anthony was teamed up with Megan and their quick make-up attack and collective group completion landed them on the top.  Megan was awarded immunity for this week.

Photo credit by Nicole Wilder/SyFy

For the Spotlight Challenge, the contestants were paired up to create a werewolf from a chosen planet.  Anthony was teamed up with Fox and they chose Saturn.

Photo credit by Nicole Wilder/SyFy

Watching their sketching session, you know this piece was going to be big and outside of the box!

Photos by Brett-Patrick Jenkins

The judges were unimpressed with their efforts this week, as their 20 piece suit (made in 20 hours) landed them on the bottom.  Kris and Wayne pulled top looks and Kris was announced the winner of this challenge.

Photo credit by Nicole Wilder/SyFy

Tune in to next weeks episode, where it will be


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